Digital Eye Strain: Tips for Reducing Screen-Related Discomfort

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Our reliance on screens has increased in the digital age, resulting in a prevalent condition called digital eye strain. The discomfort that is often accompanied by symptoms such as dryness, irritation, and fatigue can have a significant impact on our eye health. 

Eyecure Hospitals in Secunderabad are home to a team of dedicated eye specialists, including renowned doctors Dr. Sushanth Bachu and Dr. Divya P Bachu. To alleviate screen-related discomfort and ensure your visual health, let’s explore some effective eye care tips.

Eye Care Tips for Combating Digital Strain

Digital Eye Strain

  • Adjust the Screen Settings 

It is important to set the screen correctly in order to get the best results. To ensure comfortable viewing, eye care tips recommend adjusting brightness, contrast, and font size. Reducing eye strain can be achieved by selecting a warm color temperature.

  • Don’t forget to blink regularly 

When you stare at screens for long periods of time, your blink rate decreases, causing dryness. Keeping your eyes moist and reducing discomfort can be achieved by consciously blinking more often Digital Eye Strain.

  • Adhere to the 20-20-20 rule 

Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and focus on something 20 feet away to relieve strain. Relaxing the eye muscles and preventing strain can be achieved with this simple practice.

  • The Importance of Good Lighting 

Avoid glare and reflections on your screen by maintaining adequate lighting. In eye care tips, it is recommended that you keep ambient lighting about half as bright as your screen.

  • Setup for ergonomics 

Avoid straining your neck and eyes by adjusting the height and position of your screen. The use of an ergonomic setup can significantly reduce the strain on the eyes caused by digital technology.

  • Invest in blue light filters 

Sleeping patterns can be disrupted and your eyes can be strained by blue light generated by digital screens. Blue light can have adverse effects on your eyes, so it is recommended that you use blue light filters or glasses to minimize their effects.

  • Drink plenty of water :

Maintaining eye moisture is supported by drinking water. A simple but effective tip for reducing discomfort and dryness of the eyes is staying hydrated.

  • Follow the PAL method 

Position, Alignment, and Level (PAL) involves placing the screen at a comfortable viewing distance and slightly below eye level.

  • Examine your eyes regularly 

Regular eye check-ups can be scheduled at Eyecure Hospitals, one of the leading eye hospitals in Secunderabad. With the best eye doctors in Hyderabad, Sushanth Bachu and Divya P Bachu, you can receive personalized eye-related guidance and treatment.

  • Detoxing from digital devices 

Unplug from screens during leisure time to give your eyes a break. Reduce screen-related discomfort by engaging in outdoor activities, reading a book, or practicing relaxation techniques.


In today’s digital age, it is crucial to prioritize your eye health. By following these eye care tips, you can effectively reduce digital eye strain and maintain your visual comfort. You can receive comprehensive eye care at Eyecure Hospitals in Secunderabad under the leadership of Dr. Sushanth Bachu and Dr. Divya P Bachu.